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Our Story

Celebrating 35 years

Shenanigan’s first opened in May of 1988, after Shockley’s father, Ray Shockley, and The Dough Roller founder Bill Gibbs bought the property over the winter months. Having worked in the restaurant industry, Shockley said he was asked to come and run the business that first year.

“Early on, St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t as big,” he said. “It was just starting, it was in its infancy. And the shoulder season idea in Ocean City hadn’t come about yet, so it was a very short season and it was a lot different back then. A lot more people stayed in hotels and motels, they had their week and most of the people came and stayed for a week. Over time that has all changed.” But Shockley said Shenanigan’s has evolved with the town. Today, the Irish pub opens for St. Patrick’s Day weekend –the establishment’s biggest weekend of the year – and operates through mid-November.

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